What do I do to help the needy?


There are multiple alternatives to generate a positive impact on the less fortunate in our society.

How would you like to help?


Ask yourself what cause I would like to help?. Helping is an act of love and compassion that improves the quality of life and immediately benefits a person in need in both their physical and emotional health.


Thanks to the volunteers who together contribute what they have, some, donating their time, for example, cutting hair, working in street clinics, mowing grass, teaching educational and sports activities, others helping with donations of food such as restaurants and bakeries.

Help Donating Your Time


Your time and personal skills are highly appreciated in our organization. We need people who have love for our community, love for others, love for the needy.


Your time and ideas can have a great impact. People in need of our city can see in you, a light of hope.


Help Donating Food and More...


If you don't have the time to dedicate to this organization, remember that you can still help. Help us by donating food, clothing, shoes, personal care products and other things that people in need can occupy.


We understand that not all people have the time to be part of this organization and visit the people of our community, but in this way, donating food can also make a big difference in our city.


Help Donating Money


Your contributions will finance restoration programs for the homeless or for families in financial need. Your donations will impact entire families, multiple people could have a bread on the table and a hot drink. Thank you for being a donor, thanks for having love for our city.


How Do We Use Your Financial Donations?


The financial funds raised are used to:

  • Offer a bit of comfort to people who have lost everything and fell into poverty,
  • No matter what circumstances, it could be due to an accident, sickness, old age, unemployment, etc.
  • We offer any immediate help, for example, food, clothing, sheets, medical treatments and medicines. Etc.



Let's not forget the destitute and people in need.


You can be the means to:

  • Bring a smile to those sad looks.
  • Give encouragement to those who have lived through these difficult stories.
  • Wear a coat that sleeps outdoors.
  • Encourage those who live from bad memories, blows and failures.
  • Help to have willpower that is submerged in addictions.
  • Bring hope to those who believe they have lost everything.


Your input is very valuable for us and for that person who is only asking for an opportunity.



Do you need more information about our programs and organization? Contact us.

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